Many residents in Canada receive legal documents destined for use in other countries instead of Canada. These documents typically need to be notarized and authenticated.

Examples are:

  • A Power of Attorney authorizing your brother to sell your house in Colombia
  • A Power of Attorney authorizing your daughter to cash-in your pension cheque in Brazil
  • An Affidavit for China confirming that you are a student at UBC
  • Receiving an inheritance in The Netherlands
The countries where these legal documents are to be used require the fulfillment of certain authentication formalities. Only when that document has been duly authenticated will it be accepted and valid for use in that country.

The authentication process is different from country to country. We recommend that you contact that country's Consulate to verify the authentication steps to be taken. A list of countries that have a Consulate in British Columbia can be found on the website of the Government of British Columbia. Once you have that verified, come to see us for assistance with the process.