Incapacity Planning

When you are unable (temporarily or permanently) to make decisions concerning your finances, your health or medical care, who should be your trusted spokesperson and advocate? Most of us will be confronted several times throughout our life with a medical intervention which does not result in our death but which will leave an imprint on how we think, what we wish for and what our needs may be.

We believe strongly that having the Planning Documents in place is KEY to providing Peace of Mind, maintaining your independence as long as possible and providing guidance to the ones who are your support team.

Tools Available

  • Enduring Power of Attorney
  • Representation Agreement
  • Advance Directive

Planning Requires

  • Initiative by the client to Plan
  • Obtaining accurate information and professional guidance
  • Engage in an in depth discussion and debate that is tailored to your specific needs
  • Resulting in well informed, thought-through and balanced decisions
We have often observed that having things “in place” brings a tremendous sense of relief, and peace of mind, to the client and their loved ones. These real life stories have only strengthened us in our commitment to do whatever we can to provide our clients with all the professional knowledge and personal guidance they require in order to achieve their goal: Having their Planning in order! After all, Planning for when the Unplanned and/or Unthinkable happens, takes more thought than a mouse click.