Estate and Incapacity Planning

We are PASSIONATE about assisting clients with their Estate and Incapacity Planning. Even though most of us agree that “Planning for the Un-planned” makes absolute sense, most of us don’t have this at the top of our “To Do List”. It is no doubt human nature to think that we will have the time to plan … Later.

Yet, to many of us, the Unplanned or the Unthinkable comes unannounced. It is always painful to see how “not having things in place” causes at that most challenging time, overwhelming added stress and anxiety. Therefore, we are committed to empower our clients to dare to engage in the conversation, be informed and be pro-active.

We are very fortunate to live in a country, a Province and a Legal/Health Care environment that allows us, individuals, to make our OWN decisions when it comes to our Estate and our medical/personal well-being. In recent years, the Law has undergone significant changes to stay in tune with the medical, social and legal reality of today’s society.