Helpful Documents

Don't hesitate to contact us if you require any assistance with these or other documents.

Power of Attorney – Representation Agreement (‘Incapacity Planning’)

Do you need someone to represent you and make decisions on your behalf? Legal and financial decisions or healthcare decisions? Review this checklist and contact us to schedule an appointment. (view)

Will (‘Estate Planning’)

Who will be your representative (‘The Executor’) to deal with your estate? Who should be the guardian of your children? What happens to your real estate assets outside Canada? How much taxes will I pay? Many questions to be answered and many issues to keep in mind when drafting a Will. Review this checklist and contact us to schedule an appointment. (view)

Letter of Permission to Travel

If a minor child is traveling alone or accompanied by only one parent, the parents (or the stay-at-home parent) need to give permission. For more detailed information on traveling with children, please visit the section on Children & Travel on the website of "Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada". There you can download a sample letter to use as a model to draft you own consent letter.

Passport Application

Please visit the website of Passport Canada for detailed information and downloadable application forms.Note that we cannot automatically assist you as Guarantor (review the Guarantor qualifications on that website). But we can assist you with the Declaration in lieu of Guarantor and the Declaration concerning a lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed or inaccessible Canadian passport.

Invitation Letter for Visitors to Canada

For certain countries, a person applying for a Temporary Resident Visa to visit Canada is required to provide a letter of invitation from someone in Canada. Please visit the section on "Visiting Canada" on the website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada for more information.

Minor Children Studying in Canada (custodianship)

If a minor child is coming to study in Canada unaccompanied, they will need a custodian. For more detailed information and assistance with drafting a custodianship declaration, visit the section on "Study in Canada" on the website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.